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What are LETS?
  • LETS are Local Exchange Trading Schemes. Liverpool LETS is a member-based community group, whch is open to individuals or groups within or around Liverpool. We are affiliated to LETSlink UK.

  • How does it work?
  • The community holds a database of its members, and the skills, goods, and services they offer. Each member pledges at least one skill or service that they are willing to offer to the other members. Instead of real money changing hands "feathers" are used to keep score.

  • What's offered?
  • Some of the skills/services that are already being offered by the members include: Leaves cleared from path, Computer Repairs, Ironing, eBay Trading Assistance, Knitting, Childrens Party Organiser, Help writing CVs, Catering, Gardening, Accordion Player to Hire, Piano Lessons; Gardening, etc.

  • Stuck for ideas?
  • Wondering what you could offer the community? Members also compile a list of things they need which are not currently offered on the site, so you can start by responding to a request, and when you see something useful on offer you can respond to that. Any member can host a local meeting, and in this way you can meet people socially before attempting to trade.

  • Membership
  • LETS is a non-profit organisation. To ensure that its benefits are available to all, membership is free, but you can earn feathers by donating in sterling towards our administrative costs when you first join, or at any time. Our internal economy is balanced by fees in feathers. Members may participate in organising and decision-making to whatever extent they wish.

  • Interested?
  • Please take time to explore the site, and come to a social meeting or follow the links to the enquiry/joining form so we can contact you. Welcome !